The Safe in the City intervention consists of a 23-minute educational video that has been proven effective in reducing new sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) among STD clinic patients.  Research results showed an approximate 10% overall reduction in new STDs among those who were exposed to the video compared with patients who were not.  The Safe in the City intervention is:
  • Effective in reducing STD infections among culturally diverse patients
  • Brief enough for patients to see most or the entire video before they are called to their exam
  • Designed to use minimal staff time and not disrupt routine clinic flow
  • Easy to use with no special training or space requirements
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Six Tips for Successful Intervention

The video includes a series of 3 short vignettes in a "soap-opera" style, as well as two informative animations that demonstrate the variety condom types and their correct usage. Click here to download the full length video.

Paul and Jasmine
Paul and Jasmine are ready to move their relationship to a more serious level.  Paul suggests they stop using condoms, but is persuaded by Jasmine to keep being “careful.”  When Paul has a brief fling, things become more complicated—particularly when Teresa informs him she has been diagnosed with an STD.

A Condom for Everyone
Learn about the many different kinds of condoms available for men and women.

Teresa and Luis
Teresa meets Luis at the restaurant where she works.  He asks her out, and she agrees.  She is surprised at how quickly things heat up.  Cautious after a past STD diagnosis, Teresa insists they use a condom despite Luis’ initial resistance.  Only then does the hunt to find a condom begin.

How to Use a Condom
See how to correctly use a condom.

Ruben and Tim
Ruben is in a long-term relationship with Cristina. While out at a bar, Ruben meets Tim, single after a recent breakup.  They share a few drinks, one thing leads to another and Tim and Ruben have a casual sexual encounter.  Several days later, Cristina observes Ruben’s symptoms of an STD. Angry and hurt, a clinic visit ensues.